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“GINZA SIX” Sky Garden – safe garden for baby/toddler in Tokyo

GINZA SIX is sophisticated shopping complex opened in 2017 on Ginza main street.
Excellent selection of fashion, foods, goods, brands, cosmetics, jewelries, books, and restaurants – this is one of the top of Japanese shopping complex.

Shops are mostly for adult, but there is clean & nice roof top garden which is good rest space for family with baby/little kids.

Roof top (13F) is open for public from 7am.
Some kids enjoy shallow water area In the summer morning and evening.

GINZA SIX also has clean, comfortable nursing room on 6th floor.
(I personally think it’s nicest nursing room / Diaper changing room in the Ginza area)

This building’s interior is designed by Gwenael Nicolas (Curiosity), one of the most famous designer in Japan.
All interior and furniture design itself are really worth to see if you are in Ginza.

GINZA SIX (Official website)

Address : Ginza 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan

<Opening hours >
Shopping area : 10:30 –
Restaurant area : 11:00-
Garden (on 13th Floor) : AM7:00 –

*Please use South-side EV on Mihara-dori street when other stores are not opened yet.
*GINZA SIX Garden may close without notice in the event of inclement weather or for other reasons.
*Certain areas may be inaccessible due to events or private reservations.  

Roof Top Terrace (13F)

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