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[ UNIQLO TOKYO ] The biggest flagship store in Ginza

Another big UNIQLO store opened in Ginza in 2020, which showcases their new challenges all the time!

*There is TWO big UNIQLO store in Ginza, Tokyo. (As of 2023 Autumn)
1: “UNIQLO GINZA” opened in 2012, and 2: “UNIQLO TOKYO” opened in 2020.
This article is about 2:”UNIQLO TOKYO“.
*Article about UNIQLO GINZA is at the end of the page.


UNIQLO TOKYO shop located in 3rd block of Ginza city, on MARRONNIER-GATE-2 building.
(between Ginza station and Yurakucho station)

Convenient location, great interior design (renovation design by Herzog & de Meuron) , and DAISO (100yen shop ) is on the same building!
(1F-4F : UNIQLO, 6F : DAISO)

UNIQLO TOKYO (Official website)

Address :  Marronnier-gate building 1-4F, 3-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Link to Google MAP)

Open : 11:00 to 20:00

*NOTE: Another big UNIQLO shop named “UNIQLO GINZA” (opened in 2012) is located in 6th block of Ginza city, in front of GINZA SIX (famous shopping complex).

—> Please visit here about UNIQLO GINZA on Ginza main street

UTme! – Make original T-shirts with embroidery

This is special space of UNIQLO TOKYO store, you can chose what to draw via i-pad or smartphone to make your own T-shirts.
You can add any embroidery (about $5) by choosing from design book menu.

There are many limited sign & font only in this Ginza store!

Repair, Remake your clothes with embroidery 

Not only making new T-shirts, this Ginza store has “Re:Uniqlo Studio“. ( Up-cycle action )

Add original embroidery on your favorite clothes and love it even more!

Re:Uniqlo Studio (Link to official website)

UT – Cool designed T-shirts

UT is now getting popular in the world – always creative collaboration happening here.
With Japanese famous artist, animation like pokemon, EVANGELION, Disney etc, or with high-end brand…

It’s always limited edition they only make one season. Can you find favorite character?

Baby and Kids wear

There is small “UNIQLO KIDS LIBRARY” on 4th floor.
With many baby/children’s books with some table&chairs, children can enjoy reading books or drawing freely.

Special thing here is, you can make original T-shirts (or bag) from kid’s hand drawing.
Please ask staff if you want to make one.

Clothing items are very simple designed T-shirts, pants, casual dress, underwear, outer, socks/hat/gloves only, with very reasonable prices.

Recycling UNIQLO clothing

This is one of reason I like UINQLO – They are keep making effort for clothing recycling for long time.
When our family get new one, I bring old UNIQLO wear to the store.

UNIQLO AIRism face mask

UNIQLO AIRism face mask is washable & high technology & comfortable face mask with adjustable strings.
I use this face mask a lot.

Another store in Ginza

There are two big UNIQLO stores in Ginza actually – “UNIQLO GINZA” store is on the Ginza Main street (in front of Ginza SIX), also cool building.

—> Another UNIQLO GINZA store on Ginza main street


Large 100yen shop is on the same building! (there are many kids staffs a lot )

Shop UNIQLO & DAISO before you go back to your country ^^

—> More about DAISO 100yen & 300yen flagship store in Ginza

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