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Double stroller Rental in Tokyo, Japan [ Traveling Tokyo with Kids ]

If you are looking for a rental double stroller for your little children in Tokyo, Please see this page.

But First of all, I recommend you to consider bringing your own stroller from your home country. It will help you a lot in Tokyo.

*Please understand that this double stroller is limited in quantity and reservations will be prioritized.

Double Stroller Specification

*Please take a look the usage images from this link : Go for TWO by Katoji (link to official page)

Product Details

  • Size: W540mm D1120mm (max1160mm ) H1070mm
  • Size when folded : W550mm D1140mm H310mm
  • Weight : 10.1kg
  • Reclining (front seat) : 105°~135°
  • Foldable, but it cannot stand on its own, so please lay it down flat.
  • We’ll add a rain cover along with stroller

Kids age & weight

  • Front seat : 4month ~ up to 20kg
  • Back seat : 2.5years old ~ up to 20kg
  • Total Weight capacity :total 40kg (= 88lb)

*Please note no able to take a nap in the back seat.
→Means not suitable for little brothers/sisters if they still need nap.

*if your children both less than 15kg, I have optional seat for back seat. Please let me know in that case.

*Photos from katoji officials

How to receive and return

We will set up meeting point & timing details via reservation mail,
as each family’s situation is different. ( Schedule / hotel location / children’s age etc.)

Thenk I will pass you the stroller directly at the meeting up point – basically in Ginza or Tsukiji area, or at your hotel.

If you need delivery to your accommodation located in another area ( inside Tokyo only ), Please kindly let me know your situation. (The delivery&pickup fee would be additional 5,000yen ~ 8,000yen, depends on your accommodation area.)

Rental Price

Rental price: 8,000 yen / 1st day,
+ 1,000 yen per additional day
+ Delivery fee (if need)

*Basically receive and return in Ginza or Tsukiji area. (I will pass you the stroller)

1st day8,000yen

*Cash payment only
( Timing : when you receive stroller )

Delivery&pickup fee

If you need delivery&pickup at your hotel ( inside Tokyo only ), please kindly let me know your situation.

—>The delivery&pickup fee would be additional +4,000yen ~ 7,000yen, depends on your accommodation area.

AREA (inside tokyo)Delivery fee
Shinjuku/Shibuya area+6,000yen
Shinagawa/Nihonbashi etc.+5,000yen
Tokyo station area+4,000yen
Disneyland area+7,000yen
Ginza/Tsukiji area0 yen
Other areaplease ask

For Reservation

Please fill in this form ↓

Or send me E-mail this address ” ”
with your informations as below to check stroller availability ;

  1. Your full name
  2. Children’s weight & age (of both kids)
  3. Date&time you want to start to use / return date&time.
  4. Your Hotel location
  5. Whether if you would like delivery to your hotel
    ( Or you can pick up & return in Ginza or Tsukiji area )

*Your message at least 3 days before you want to use is appreciated as we need to set up meeting timing & place via mail.

*If you have any question or concern, please also let me know.

*If you could not get reply from me in 3 days, it could be any e-mail server trouble. In that case happened, please re-send the mail to re-conform.

*Sorry if rental reservation was already taken…

When you receive stroller

  • Please bring your passport as your ID when you receive stroller.  If we can not check your ID, you are not able to take this service. 
  • Please use double stroller properly for children’s safety.
    We do not take any responsibilities in double stroller use.
  • Load capacity for hooks are about 1,5kg~2kg.
    Please do not hang heavy stuff on hooks, it would cause a fall by losing balance. 

    —> Reference :Caution for using baby stroller (by National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan)

[ Important tips for usage ]

Important key to utilize this double stroller is … FIND ELEVATOR .

It’s going to be really heavy with two kids.

please follow EV sign when you use station or building.

Using Tokyo’s subway&train would be so confusing for your family, So use “Wheelchair option” while you use Google map —> the map shows you the best route using Elevator.

In case you can’t find EV, Let’s ask others to help to carry^^

What’s good about this?


There is no double stroller rental at amusement park

You can rent single stroller at major amusement park (Ex. Tokyo DisneylandUSJ OsakaLegoland Japan etc.) or Department store, Shopping mall, but not double stroller…

Rain Cover included

This is important actually.

Rain cover will be attached, for sudden rain or snow.

Hand to Hand delivery

There are some on-line delivery-type stroller rental services, but the delivery cost is not cheap.. (at least approx. 6,000yen ~ 12,000yen for round trip delivery / depends on the buggy size and location )

Receive might be ok if you staying at hotel with receptionist all the time, but not easy at AirBnB.

Also you have to pack stroller properly by yourself when you return at Japanese delivery company like Yamato or Sagawa co.

Basically I can pass you this stroller directly, without packing.


Yes it can be folded. Just it cannot stand on its own, so please lay it down flat.

Fold and can be carried by taxi or Shinkansen (bullet train).

It’s not so light itself though, it is about 10kg.
But my clients says it’s still much lighter than other bulky double stroller.

Japanese size to fit Japanese train gate

*No need to fold when you use subway or train.

Reviews from my clients

I am so grateful to meet each of my dearest clients family, and very honored to receive reviews from them.

Please see my clients voices from here ;

Reviews of Stroller Rental in Ginza (Link to Google Map Review)


* * * * * * *

This is me, Miyoko

Hello, this is Miyoko.

I will be there to see you^^


My license number of Tool dealer that issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission is below;

[Tool dealer license (Second hand dealer) No.305561905912 ]

Terms & Conditions

Please read through Terms and Conditions.
At the time of rental reservation agreement, it shall be deemed that you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

—> Terms and Conditions

[Option] for kids 22~30kg weight

I have several inquiry sometime about older kids weight over 22kg.

This 3 wheels scooter’s weight capacity is up to 30kg.

*NOTE: But it seems this is not allowed to use inside large amusement park like disneyland, disneysea, Universal studio Osaka.

Please let met me know if you are interested in it.

Alternative double stroller rental services

As I have limited number of double stroller, here are another rental stroller services in Tokyo for your consideration.

Not many company rent double stroller, but they have!
(Please see details from this link↓)

—> Stroller rental service at airport “Nice baby

For single stroller, you have more choices.

Alternative double stroller rental services in Tokyo

I hope you can find the best rental stroller services for your good vacation in Japan!


If you can bring your stroller from home country, that would be the best.

Tokyo is famous for “a lot of walking” district. Your kids will get tired around till 16:00 for sure, and you will be also really tired.

But for sure in any case when you need stroller, I am happy to support you!!

I hope you have the best time with your family in Tokyo!

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