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Best Toy Store in Ginza Tokyo [ Hakuhinkan Toy Park ]

HAKU-HIN-KAN Toy park Ginza” is the one of the best toy store in Tokyo, located in Ginza 8th block.

It used to be the biggest toy store in Japan (opened in 1986), was authorized as the world record by the Guinness Book once at that time.

Still at the same place in Ginza, in the fastest moving city with new things, they are keep doing their business as toy professional.


On the Ginza main street, at the corner of Ginza 8th block.
Always one staff is playing with kids at front of entrance – always very kind.
(He/She is promotion toys, but never pushing to sell, rather enjoying to talk with kids )

Haku-Hin-Kan Toy Park (Official website)

Address: 8-8-11, ginza, chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-8132, Japan (Link to Google MAP)
Opening hours :11:00am-8:00pm
Close: This shop is open all the year round. 

What kind of toys we can get?

From Basement floor to 4th floor, Japanese character goods, Games, Dolls, Cards, Blocks, Car/Train models, Manga, Japanese Traditional toys,,, a lots of toys are all around you.

Kids love here especially because there are many toy samples you can touch and play with.
You can safely let your kids play for a while you choose souvenirs or gifts.

Also every shop staff is very kind and knows each product well.
Just casually browsing might be interesting.

Japan Exclusive toys

These are some examples.
Ghibli goods, Hello kitty, Licca-chan, lunch goods, Disney character extremely soft cushion, etc.

Japanese Manga / Anime goods

One Piece, Dragon ball, Pokemon, Doraemon, Yu-gi-oh, etc.

Japanese Souvenir

Japanese traditional toys, Japanese craft works, Japanese chopsticks etc.

Model car / train / Block toys

Tomica, Plarail, Brio, Mini-car, Lego brocks, Train toys, etc..
Brio area is free-playing area, also Racing park for mini-car is in 4F.

Girls toys

Hello kitty and other Sanrio character, Rica-chan doll, Barbie doll, Stuffed animals, etc.

Baby Toys / Toddler’s Toys

Anpan-man, Soft toys, sound gimmick toys, stuffed animals, blanket, bath toys, etc.

Others for souvenir

Face cover, masks, stationary, magic, figure doll, games, etc.

Toilet / Diaper changing space

Diaper changing area, nursing space are on 4F.


This building is full of great stuffs not only for kids but for parents or Japan visitors.
Try visit once when you come to Ginza.

  • 1F:Seasonal toys, new toys, Party goods
  • 2F: Stuffed animals, Japanese traditional toys, Dinosaur goods, Music box
  • 3F: Toddlers toys, Infant toys, Block toys, Model cars/trains toys (BRIO, TOMICA),  Educational toys
  • 4F:Video games, Puzzles, Trading cards, Card games
  • 5F: Restaurants
  • 6F: Restaurants
  • 8F: Hakuhinkan Theater  

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