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Tokyu Plaza Ginza – stroller friendly, sophisticated shopping complex in Tokyo

Opened 2016, Tokyu Plaza Ginza is not only cool shopping spot for adult but also well-designed for Mom&Dad with baby.

All isles are wider than other shopping spot in Tokyo’s big city – much easier to go through by stroller or wheelchair. Elevator also comes and go not so bad.

Also there are two public area for small kids, METOA (2F, 3F) and roof top terrace garden. (admission free.)
Although these are not so big, you can always feel new-urban atmosphere.

Baby/children friendly area of Tokyu Plaza Ginza

METoA (2F, 3F)

METoA Ginza is Mitsubishi Electric’s exhibition space where kids can enjoy their products with easy games. (Admission free)
1-6years old would enjoy most, about 20min~40min is enough to enjoy.
Entrance is at Shinbashi-side.
There is also “METoA cafe” on 1F.

METoA Ginza
OPEN (Exhibition): 11:00 – 21:00
Admission : Free

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Roof top terrace (12F)

Comfortable roof terrace with wall covered green.
Good place for lunch/snack time with powerful toddler.
Scenery from here is also enjoyable.

Baby/Children’s clothing stores (5F)

There is select baby and kids product shop on 5F.
Baby stroller, baby products, gifts, bib, outfit, bags, Japanese brand, imported brand, you can find good selections from here.

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Japanese original baby bib / clothing brand “MARL MARL “

Nursery room

There are 3 baby care rooms, on 4F, 10F, 11F.

Floor Guide

B2F〜B1F : Cafe/Restaurants/Subway station

1F-2F : High-brand shops

3F-7F : Fashion&Goods shops

6F : KIRIKO Lounge

8F-9F : LOTTE Duty Free

10F-11F : Restaurants

RF : Roof top terrace

Official Website

Tokyu Plaza Ginza (Official Website )

Open : 11:00 – 21:00 (some restaurants close 23:00)

Address : 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 (Link to Google MAP)

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