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[ YAMAHA MUSIC Tokyo ] Photogenic Street Piano place on Ginza street

Special piano with camera & huge screen

Yamaha is one of the largest music brand in Japan, and their flagship store in Ginza is so cool to stop by.
There is free piano that everyone can play freely, or just to listen, with large screen showing player’s hands.
Especially kid’s small hands looks really cute on this place…
And there is coffee stand in the back so you can enjoy coffee while listening to piano sound.

Simply this place is great experience for kids to touch “MUSIC”.

One of the largest musical instrument store in Japan

This whole building is Yamaha music show-case and music lesson studios. See and try YAMAHA products quality!

  • 5F : Pianos / Electone / Digital Pianos / Avitecs (Soundproofing room)
  • 4F : Wind Instruments / String Instruments /Percussion Instruments
  • 3F : Sheet Music / Music Books / CD
  • 2F : Cafe (baby/kids friendly)
  • 1F : Event space with Piano & Coffee stand
  • B1F : Guitars / Drums / Digital Music Instruments
    • 7-9F : Hall
    • 10-12F : Music lesson studio

Kids friendly cafe with “Virtual LIVE system” music

Also nice cafe opened Oct. 2020, on 2F.
Grand piano, Drams, Double bass, would be playing as “Virtual Live System” (Yamaha originally designed).
There are baby chairs and books for kids.

Baby chair, Toilet with diaper changing board

1F cafe stand

YAMAHA GINZA SHOP (official website)

Address : 7-9-14 Ginza,Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 (Link to Google MAP)

OPEN : 11:00 ~ 18:30, Close every Tuesday

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