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[2023] Best Cherry Blossom viewing spots in Tokyo with baby/kids

If you are in Japan in early spring, you will be surprised by the beauty of cherry blossoms (=Sakura).
It’s everywhere in Japan, but not all famous Hanami places suite for family with baby – So these are some places I would recommend depends on your situation. I hope you all enjoy this special moment with family.

[ If you are with baby stroller]

Easy access by train or subway, and not too rough road (mostly flat) to walk with stroller.

Tokyo Midtown Roppongi

Tokyo Midtown is stylish shopping complex in Roppongi. There is comfortable park on the north side with Cherry Blossom trees. about 3min walk from Roppongi subway station. Restaurants / cafe / shops / hotel (Ritz Carlton) / clean restroom / nursing room – are all here – mom&dad can feel relax and enjoy cherry blossom.

Tokyo Midtown Roppongi (Official website)

Address : 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)

Kitano-maru Park

This park is situated on the north side of the Imperial Palace. Calm, traditional type of park.
Chidorigafuchi” (5min walk ahead from here) is most popular spot, but too crowed for baby stroller to go through – Inside Kitanomaru park would be more comfortable to enjoy Sakura.
About 5-minutes walk from Kudanshita Station.

Kitano-maru Park (Wikipedia)

Address : 1-1, Kitanomaru-kouen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0091 (Link to Google MAP)

—> More about Picnic area near Imperial Palace

Sumida Park

3min walk from Asakusa station, there are riverside park with views of the Tokyo Skytree.
If you cross Sumida River (about 5min walk), another peaceful park Soyokaze-Hiroba is there.
Easy to stop by during Asakusa area sightseeing. Or Boat Cruise from this pier would be fun.

Sumida Park (Link to Live Japan website)

Address (Asakusa-side) : 1-Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)
— Sumida River —
Address (Skytree-side) : 1-3 Mukaishima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)

–> More about Tokyo bay Boat Cruise

[ Large park for family picnic ]

If you want to plan family picnic under Cherry blossoms. Better bring some foods and picnic blanket before you go.

Sinjyuku Gyoen

Large national Garden in central Shinjuku area. (*Need admission fee, 500yen/adult )
As Ministry of Environment taking care of this park, always clean and safe.
There are 3 entrance gates – Sendagaya gate is close to cherry blossom area.
Although no playground equipments for kids, there is “Kids area” where children can run around. (Near Sendagaya gate)

*Gate open : 9:00 -17:30 (spring), Close on Monday. (Please check official website about details)

*Advance Booking is required to enter during Cherry Blossom Season

Shinjuku Gyoen (Official website)

Address : 11 Naito-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0014 (Link to Google MAP)

* Shinjyuku-Gyoen Garden MAP in Spring (English)

Hama-rikyu Garden

Another beautiful paid-garden owned by Tokyo city. (*Need admission fee)
No playground equipment for small kids, but calm atmosphere and beautiful Japanese style garden is so loved by people.
*Covid-19 situation may affect opening hours.

Hama-rikyu Garden (Official website)

Address : 1-1 Hamarikyu-teien, Chuou-ku, Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)

–> More about Hama-rikyu Garden

Kasai-rinkai Park

Seaside park located between Tokyo station and Tokyo Disneyland.
There are also ferris wheel, park train, and aquarium (Tokyo Sea Life Park) where you can see lots of Tuna are swimming.

Kasai-rinkai Park (Official website)

Address : 6-chome, Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)

–> More about Tokyo Sea Life Park Aquarium

Inokashira park

Popular park for young-generation.
There is Ghibli Museum inside this park, but need online reservation in advance which is hard to get…

Inokashira park (Official website)
Address : 1-18-31, Gotenyama, Musashino-shi, Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)

Ghibli Museum (Official website)
*Need online advanced reservation

Showa-Kinen Park

About 1hour by train from Tokyo station to the west – Huge scale of national park in Tachikawa which you can spend whole day. (*Need admission fee)
There are playground equipments for kids, boat on the lake, BBQ, rental bicycle, train inside park, etc..
You will walk a lot – differently need stroller for toddler.
*Gate open : 9:30 -17:00 (spring) Please check official website about details.

Showa-Kinen Park (Official website)

Address : Midoricho 3173, Tachikawa-shi 190-0014, Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)

[Others] Good for adult group, but not recommend for family with small children


Meguro-River side

Very famous cherry blossom spots for young adult in Nakameguro, but too many people on the narrow street every year – hard to walk, hard to find a place to take a rest or change diaper. I don’t recommend for family with stroller.

Meguro-River side (Official website)

Address : Nakameguro Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)


Too much crowded as this is one of THE most famous Cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo.
It’s fun to see how Japanese people enjoy “Hanami” (drinking under the cherry blossom), but too many people to take kids there during this special season. I love Ueno park, but better avoid this season until kids grown up little more.

Ueno-park (Official website)

Address : Ueno-koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)

–> about Ueno ZOO
–> about National Museum of Nature and Science at Ueno park

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