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Where is good place for lunch with baby / kids in GINZA, Tokyo?

[ 10 best baby/kids friendly restaurants for lunch in Ginza, Tokyo ]
Although most of restaurants are baby/kids friendly in Japan, I understand that you want to go somewhere little bit MORE kind for baby/toddler or MORE kids welcome restaurants.
Here are some of my recommends for lunch / break in Ginza.

Contemporary Japanese

Muji Dinner by Mujirushi-Ryohin

It’s located in basement floor of MUJI Flag store opened in 2019.
Nursing room / Diaper changing room is on 4F. (Kids/Maternity goods floor)

More about
—> Muji flagship store in Ginza

Minoru Dinner

9th Floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi, which located at the very center of Ginza.
Famous and popular for local parents.
Nursing room / diaper changing room / baby rest room are on the same floor.
Also more casual style “Minoru Cafe” is on the same floor.

More about
—> Baby friendly place at Ginza Mitsukoshi

Traditional Japanese

Umeno-Hana Ginza

Family with new baby visit here for occasion as there are many individual Tatami rooms.
Staffs are very nice for baby/kids. If ask baby bed can be rental.
Better to make call before you go.

Hage-Ten Ginza

Well-established tempura restaurant in Ginza, since 1928.

Not too fancy, not too casual, staffs area all decent but friendly.
Good choice if you want to have good Tempura or Tempura-bowl in Ginza.

Ichi-Ni-San Ginza

Kagoshima-Pork restaurant nicely traditional & casual are mixed.
Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet), Shabu-shabu, Pork soup dishes are great and reasonable here.
*There are Ginza store and Hibiya store.

Western food (European food)

Eggs’n things Ginza

They are popular in Tokyo too.
4F of KIRARITO GINZA building, which there are several restaurants choice.
Nursing room / Diaper changing room is on the 3F.

MERCER BRUNCH Ginza terrace

Next to Eggs’n things, Mercer Brunch is always full of people includes moms.
Nursing room / Diaper changing room is on the 3F.

Rose Bakery Ginza

In the back of Uniqlo Ginza flagship store, 7F of connected building.
Western style deli with sweets.
Good for tea break after shopping at UNIQLO TOKYO.


12F of Itoya building.
Itoya is famous stationeries company in Tokyo. located next to BLGALI building, in front of
No nursing room, but there is diaper changing room.

bills Ginza

Stylish and comfortable restaurant on the top of Cartier building.
Better call to make reservation before you go.

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