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MUJI flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo Japan

What is MUJI?

Do you know MUJI?

MUJI (Mujirushi-Rhohin) is one of the most popular retail company which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods.

What is MUJI?
(Link to MUJI’s company site)

They have opened flagship store and Hotel in Ginza, in April 2019.

MUJI Ginza” is interesting shopping spot for family in Tokyo.
You can enjoy neat Japanese products and also Japanese modern culture with warm kindness.
Most product has English translation.
Only 1st floor (small bakery and food section) start from 7:30 in the morning.

MUJI Ginza” (Official Website)
Address: 13-3-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 104-006
Store Hours10:00~21:00 *1F : 7:30~ 

Children’s wear / Maternity wear

All of Muji product’s design are always simple, practical, and reasonable pricing.
From material to manufacturing, there are many goods really well thought-out.

Nursing room (4F)

There is small children’s play area on 4F near nursing room.
Toddlers can play with some toys for a while (under parents observation), school kids can read some books at small cafe corner.
There is outlet for smartphone charge, also 100yen coffee.

Nursing room is clean… and feel Japanese kindness.

Children’s picture book recycle

There is small children’s picture book recycle corner. (very modestly..)
The title is ”Connect by picture book” – If you brought 3 used picture books, you can take 2 books from this bookshelf – I love this movement.

Bakery (1F)

Small bakery on 1F is always crowed with family. Open from 7:30am.

MUJI Diner (B1F)

You can choose some kinds of Japanese style lunch plate, as well as fresh salad buffet.
Muji also making effort to choose good quality ingredients.
Healthy meals also make parents happy for kids.

Multipul family restroom (B1F)

MUJI Hotel (6F-10F)

This new Muji Hotel is also big hit for Muji Lovers from all of the world.
There is simple Japanese style cafe/restaurant “WA” next to the Hotel check in counter.

Rental Bike service

You can borrow baby stroller while shopping (in this building only),
Also they have bike rental service for city explore!

*Rental bike price :1,000yen /day, 500yen /5hours (Deposit 3,000yen)
Rental bike service hours : 10:00 – 20:00 (rental close at 18:00)

Floor summary

  • B1F : MUJI Diner
  • 1F : Bakery / Original foods
  • 2F : Women’s / Men’s Wear, Bags, Shoes
  • 3F : Travel goods (MUJI to GO), Health&Beauty, Stationary, Underwear
  • 4F : Kitchenware&Tableware, Housekeeping goods, Children’s wear, Maternity wear, Books, Children”s play area, Nursing room
  • 5F : Interior goods
  • 6F : MUJI HOTEL, Hotel Japanese cafe&restaurant “WA”, Salon, Atelier MUJI,

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