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New digital art restaurant in Tsukiji

Sushi lunch at digital aquarium “Under-the-sea”

To be honest it’s kind of hard to find good sushi lunch place with kids in Tsukiji area – every place is so small… especially when you are with stroller.

This restaurant “Nazuki” is recently opened, and highly recommended for family with small kids. Kids would be so happy if you take them there.

Surrounded by big screen, whole floor is like under deep ocean.
Restaurant staff is wearing Kimono, and really kind…!

Lunch menu – English available

From 1,350yen~, beautifully decorated.
Many variety of combination of sashimi, Tempra, sushi, miso-soup, etc.
Lunch time : 11:00-15:30

Private room – good for baby

If you are with baby, this private room (with Tatami mat) is helpful.
And there is no charge for using this great room! (as of Dec 2019)

There are 2 kinds of private rooms –

A: Private tatami rooms (take-off-your-shoes area ) →2rooms
B: Private room with chairs, devided by doors. →5,6rooms

Both type has digital projection mapping.
There are also small fish tank at Tatami room – kids would be happy with them.

Elevator – for stroller

The restaurant is on B1F – If you have baby stroller, there is elevator area at Ginza side.
It’s not easy to find it for even Japanese,,, better ask any staff at the building.

Nazuki (Official Website)

Address : 4-7-5 Tsukiji KY Bld.B1F, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045, Japan (link to google map)

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