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[ DAISO 100yen & 300yen flagship store in Ginza ] New Open 2022

You could find 100yen shops DAISO everywhere in Japan, but Ginza until 2022..!

DAISO is the largest 100yen shop chain store in Japan, more than 3,600 stores throughout Japan, 2,200 stores overseas.

This new Ginza store is Daiso’s flagship store showing their new challenge within 100yen and 300yen (Some products are 1000~1500yen).

Daily life goods, snacks, toys, masks, travel goods, etc. – practically this store would be helpful for your travel stay.

Daiso Flagship Store in Ginza

It’s 6th floor of Marronnier-Gate-Ginza-2 building. (Same building with Uniqlo Tokyo)

There are about 23,000 items of low price & good quality products are here..!

DAISO Ginza Store ( Official website )

Address : 6F, Marronnier Gate 2, 3-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, 104-0061 (Link to Google Map)

Japanese snack wall

Most happy point of this Daiso for kids&parents might be snacks corner.

Let kids choose these pile of Japanese snacks – Hmm looks all mysterious… but FUN !

Toys for kids

Bobbles, Seal books, bath toys, etc. lets get some toys from here for kids emergency.

Standard Products – new 300yen shop by Daiso

Daiso started 300yen shop brand in 2016 named “Standard Product”, which simple, modern, sustainable designed products. These products are mostly Japan made, high quality with 300yen…!

THREEPPY – another 300yen brand

THREEPPY is Daiso’s another 300yen brand – expressing “Cute for adult”.

6F Floor Plan

Uniqlo Tokyo Flagship store

is in the same building, 1F-4F.

There is small kids area on 4F.

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