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TAKOYAKI museum and Japanese unique goods shops

After or Before LEGOLAND Discovery center Tokyo, there is another fun place on same building.

At DECKS shopping mall 4F,  Daiba 1chome Shotengai is shopping theme park back to 1960’s Japan.
Retro goods, toys, games, clothes, and foods…
I found lots of interesting things here which I even never seen before.

It’s popular for Japanese younger generation as they can feel time travel,
I think family tourists from other country can also enjoy this special atmosphere too.

TAKOYAKI museums“, on same floor would be enjoyable as well.
Five different style Takoyaki shops are opened together, if you never tried TAKOYAKI, why not!

Japanese traditional things are everywhere here. Try find your favorites!

DECKS Tokyo Beach (shopping mall in Odaiba)

Daiba 1chome Shotengai (4F)

TAKOYAKI Museum (4F)

Trick Art Museum (4F) *Need admission fee


LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo (in same shopping mall)

Bullet train old model (Miniature)
Retro Toys
Retro car
Old-fashion Snacks
Retro Game playce


Popular for younger people
Candy art
Takoyaki museum info
What’s Takoyaki?
Takoyaki “KUKURU”
Find your favorite taste
Casual bench at Takoyaki Museum
Japan limited KitKat
baby bib with Japanese logo
Kids sweets kit
Tomica mini-car



Gacha-Gacha(Toy capsule)


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