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[ Highly recommended ] One of the coolest indoor playground in Japan “Teamlab Planets Tokyo” in Toyosu

Touchable unique digital art with water, light, and big balloon

Opened in 2018, This entertainment facility has always been popular from kids to elder generation. All my family, friends and myself enjoyed this touchable arts a lot too.
First of all, this is to enjoy with bare foot.
Secondly most of place are very dark in order to use senses.
And the best part is large pond with colorful digital carp fish.
For sure kids would love it, and for all family members!

*This is limited exhibition until 2022. (as of Act. 2020)

*Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19


It’s right in front of Yurikamome “Shin-Toyosu” station.
(About 10~15min by taxi from Tokyo station)

Address : 6-1-16 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 153-0061 (Link to Google MAP)


Basically ticket are “online reservation” to prevent spread of COVID-19.
Easy system, and no need to wait at entrance like before.

[ Entrance fee ]

Adults (18 Years and above)3,200 JPY
University / Specialized students2,500 JPY
Junior high school / High school2,000 JPY
Children (Ages 4-12)300 JPY
Under 3 years of ageFree
Seniors (65 Years and above)2,400 JPY
Disability discount1,600 JPY

teamLab Planets TOKYO (Official website)


Walk ahead slowly in the very dark isle – several unique room are waiting for you.

Crystal Universe

Feel like in another world.

Drawing on the water surface

Beautiful digital fish are swimming – turning to flower once you touch them.

Free floating ball room

Try hide and seek here.

Be prepared to be wet

If could, every one better wear short or half pants as water attraction is the main parts.

For ladies, skirts is not so good because some area’s floor are made of mirror – underpants can be seen..

But it’s ok anyone can borrow towel and half pants at site. (ask staff for half pants)

For small kids, better bring extra clothes. (underwear and pants or skirts at least)
FYI, our 4 years old kid were all wet after this attraction.

Locker room and changing rooms are prepared.

Nursing room

There is one diaper changing stand at toilet.
There are individual changing room, you can ask staff to use as nursing room if needed.


There is an simple food shop at front. (no table/chairs)

Or walk about 10min toward Toyosu, there are nice restaurant for family.

Especially “100 spoons” is famous for family with small kids – Kids can enjoy drawing or book reading at table.

100 spoons Toyosu (Link to official website)

Address : 2-2-1 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 153-0061 (Link to Google MAP)

*Toyosu fish market are also near from here, but mostly close on afternoon.

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