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Central Park of Tokyo “Hibiya Park”

The size is much smaller, but Hibiya park is like Central park of Tokyo.
(about 1/20 size compare to Central park of New York)

Located right next to Imperial Palace, this Hibiya park shows many aspect on every season.
Fresh green leaves in Spring, Red and yellow mix colored leaf in Autumn, Beautiful flowers everywhere…

Kids area is really modest, with some simple slides, swings, and some animal objects.
For safety this area is covered by fence and time managed – Open from 9am to 16pm.

I like here very much just to enjoy nature and laughter voice of children –
We bring lunch when we go there and relaxing at picnic table.

If timing was good, many special events are held on the weekend at the main area of Hibiya park.
For example Beer festival like “OKTOBERFEST“every year, Music festivals, Summer bon-dance festivals, food festivals, Kids festivals, etc..

→Please check NOTICE list of Hibiya Park for latest event information


Hibiya Park Official Twitter account (to check latest info)

Address : Hibiya-park 1-6, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0012

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From Hibiya Public Hall side
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