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“Tokyo Midtown Hibiya”

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is one of the newest shopping complex building in Tokyo.
Opened in 2018, it is located in west side of Ginza, next to Hibiya park / Imperial palace.

Actually it doesn’t have children-related store, but there are some enjoyable spot with baby/kids for a while.

Family-friendly point

6F : Park view garden and cafe

There is small nice garden on 6F, with great view of Hibiya park and Imperial Palace garden.
Toddlers safely walk around when wether is fine.

When hungry, there are two cafes on 6F, both baby/kids welcome.

4F: TOHO Cinema Hibiya

Toho Cinema ,one of the popular cinema in central Tokyo.
There is seat cushion for kids.
And if you ask staff they will keep your stroller while watching movie.

Toho Cinema Hibiya (4F)

1F: Stroller rental service (inside building only)

They also has rental stroller service at information counter on 1F (no charge).
It is really helpful when children need a nap.
(*Rental stroller is for only this building)


There are also many other gourmet restaurants on B1F~3F.
(Some restaurants on 2F and 3F are only for adult)

Only problem is,,, Elevator of this building takes really time… (worse on weekend)
Using escalator is much faster if you can.

Tokyo Hibiya Midtown
Address : 1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006 

no people at late afternoon
Hibiya park view

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