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Pokemon center Japan & Pokemon store

Pokemon is now worldwide –  Pokemon official goods shops called “Pokemon Center” or “Pokemon store”, are rapidly opened in large city in Japan.

This is report from Pokemon center Tokyo DX, located Nihonbashi, about 10min walk from Tokyo station,(or 3min walk from Nihonbashi station)  in the Nihonbashi-Takashimaya annex building.  

I found a lot of limited good, well designed items of Pokemon!
There are many capsule toys (“Gacha-Gacha” in Japanese), some little kids were so excited in front of them. 

There is also “Pokemon Cafe“. But please note reservation in advance is needed. (as of SEP 2019)   I did not know so I could not enter the cafe…

“Pokemon Center Tokyo DX” ←Special store near Tokyo station
Pokemon Cafe at Pokemon center Tokyo DX (Japanese only)

Pokemon Center / Pokemon store list (Whole Japan)

If you have time

If you have spare time, I recommend to stop by next building “Nihonbashi Takashimaya Dept.” .
There is connected isle from Pokemon center to Takashimaya main building. 
→Then go down to 5F of Takashimaya main building 
→walk to Baby/Kids section … There are many toy samples every kids can touch.

For detail : Great shopping floor for mom and kids


Let’s find special Pokemon!
Variety of stuffed Pokemon animals
Well designed goods
Cherry blossom (Sakura) Pokemon
Many limited items 
B-side label Pokemon sticker
Many kinds of Picachu
Smartphone cases
Key holders
Pokemon dishes for kids
At entrance
Pokemon CAFE entrance
Pokemon Cafe interior image 

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