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[ Marunouchi street ] Cozy street connecting Tokyo station and Ginza

From Ginza area to Tokyo station (near Imperial Palace), Marunouchi is cosy area for not only business parson but for family visiter. This area is good to know for tourist as there are always something is going on this district.

Pedestrian paradise for daytime

With stylish office buildings, sophisticated shopping store are mixed together,
The Marunouchi central street (Marunouchi-Nakadori) is open for public as pedestrian paradise from

  • 11:00~15:00 on Weekday
  • 11:00~17:00 on the weekend

You can enjoy nice walk browsing cool shops, or can have lunch with children at table on street.
Couple of food catering car are always there. ( Operator’s official website )

Seasonal Event

Some event are held at this street on the weekend, check this site for latest Event.

Rental stroller service

There are also nice service for mom&dad – Marunouchi area has rental stroller service.
(Only this Marunouchi area)
I like this kind and warm city support for all visitors to enjoy city…!

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