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Try Japanese Baby Diaper / Nappy / Wipes when you travel Japan

Basically you can get baby diaper at drug store or supermarket easily everywhere in Japan same as your country. Don’t worry about quality at all – Japanese diaper manufacturing company are making so much effort to improve quality every day. Why don’ t you try Japanese nappy once?

Japanese diapers/nappies basic information


Prices are depends on stores – but I would say average price is $11~16 for one package.
( ex. one package contains 54~90 pairs, depends on size)


General size categories in Japan are below;

SizeBaby weightQty for 1 package
Sabout 5~8kg82
Mabout 9~11kg64
Labout 11~14kg54
Bigabout 14~20kg42

*Size quote from Merries, tape type


There are two diaper types – Tape type and pants (pull-up) type. (It’s might be same in your country?)
Please check well picture of package whether it’s tape-type or pants type – many parents easily pick wrong type,,,

  • Tape type : This is for from new born baby ~ about 1.5years old baby.
  • Pants type : It’s for baby started crawl or walk. Pants type (pull-up) diapers can tear at the sides for easy removal.

For example If your baby were 8kg,
—> M size (6~11kg)
—> Check well the “drawing picture” – TAPE or PANTS

  • TAPE : 64sheets of diapers are in the 1 package
  • Pants: 58sheets of diapers are in the 1 package

Swim diaper

Only summer time available. Disposable type.

Major Japanese 5 diaper brands

There are famous 5 major nappy brands as below.
All brands are good quality. (I tried every brands, and all good.)
If you are concerned about baby’s skin, Pampers would be a good choice.

Pampers (P&G)

High quality, Most popular brand in Japan. Many baby hospital is choosing this.


Merries (Kao)

Good quality, Good cost performance.


Moony (Unicharm)

Good quality, Good cost performance


Genki! (Oji Nepia)

Good quality, Popular Japanese character “Anpan-man” is printed.


Mamy Poko (Unicharm)

Good quality, More reasonable price than above brands, popular Japanese character “Draemon” is printed.

Mamy Poko

How to say diaper in Japanese?

Diaper/Nappy in Japanese is called “O-MU-TSU“.
Please ask staff where is “O-MU-TSU” if you could not find diaper.

Finding diaper in central Tokyo

When you stay in very central Tokyo like Shibuya, Shinjyuku, Ginza, it would not be easy to find baby diaper selling shop.
In that case, firstly ask hotel concierge where can buy diaper near from you. (Depends on your location, drug store might have it)

If could not ask anyone, famous large chain store “Don quijote (Discount store) or “Bic Camera” (Appliance store ) almost certainly has it.

—> Shopping baby diaper/nappy in Ginza Tokyo (shop list)

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