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3 Best “100yen & 300 yen shops” in Ginza, Tokyo

There are now 3 kinds of 100yen (or 300yen) shops in Ginza area, which would super helpful for family travelers.

There are wide variety of toys, sanitary goods, daily goods, snacks, and so on… I bet you will be amazed by number of items and quality of 100yen shop.
Let’s get some toys and snacks for kids to keep them smile while travel.


DAISO Ginza (& Standard Products)

The biggest 100yen shop in Ginza area. There are 100yen section, and 300yen section.

–> More about Daiso Ginza & Standard Products

DAISO Ginza Store ( Official website )

Address : 6F, Marronnier Gate 2, 3-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, 104-0061 (Link to Google Map)

Seria 100yen shop Ginza store

The closest 100yen shop from Ginza Station. Half size of Daiso but essential items are beautifully selected. There are many original items different from DAISO.
*No snacks or food items are sold this store.

Seria Ginza store (Official website)

Address : EXITMELSA 5F, 5-7-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)


3COINS Ginza store

3COIS are another popular general store which every products are 300yen. (some products are 500yen, 1,000yen)
Simple & practical design. It’s on Second floor of long-two-story building.

3COINS Ginza store (Official website)

Address : Nishi-Ginza Department 2F, 4-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Link to Google MAP)


So which 100yen store would you like to go?
Touch and feel Japanese 100yen products ideas and quality!

*Some products are more than 100yen. (there are price sticker on it in that case)

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