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Convenience stores in Japan – convenient for tourist too

You will find convenience stores everywhere throughout Japan.
Japanese convenience store is not only selling good product, but they are always contributing community with good services.

I’m sure you will find at least 1 convenience store near your hotel in Japan – let’s understand their service and make good use of it.

Major convenience stores in Japan

There are mainly three kinds of convenience store brands in Japan.
Seven Eleven, Lawson, and FamilyMart.
Each company has wonderful products and always keep high quality service standard.


Top shared convenience store in Japan. (about 70%, as of 2020)
Brand color : Green & red

Their strength is food’s quality. Especially Onigiri, Bento(lunch box), and Coffee’s quality is highly evaluated.

SEVEN ELEVEN (Official Website)

My recommends of SEVEN ELEVEN

  • Onigiri : Japanese soul food
  • Coffee for about 1 dollar!


Second shared convenience store in Japan. (about 13%, as of 2020, include Natural LAWSON)
Brand color : Blue

LAWSON (Official Website)

My recommends of LAWSON


Japan origin convenience store, currently No.3 shared in Japan. (about 12%, as of 2020)
Brand color : Green & Blue

They are always trying new products with great quality.

FamilyMart (Official Website)

My recommends of FamilyMart

  • Light milkshake “Frappe” series (summer season only).
    It’s like Starbucks Frappuccino, for about 330yen.

    It would be at Freezer –
    –> take it for register&pay
    —> go to coffee making machine
    —> pour hot milk a little bit(better ask staff which button to press for frappe?)
    —> mix well
    —> enjoy with straw!

    So cold and tasty – please try on hot summer day.

Natural LAWSON

Brand color : Burgundy red

Natural Lawson is another category brand of LAWSON.
Let me introduce this brand too because it’s very popular by Japanese mom.

They are making special effort of each Ingredients, eco packaging, item selections, and social contribution activities.

healthy drinks, bento box, and snacks – If you careful about what you or baby/kids eat, this Natural LAWSON is good choice.

Natural LAWSON (Official Website)

My recommends of Natural LAWSON

  • MAUI potato chips – crunchy potato chips made in Japan. (Package looks like Hawaiian product, but it’s Japanese product)

Helpful service for family visitor

It always give us big security.


Basically anyone can use restroom of convenience store. But better ask staff before use as manner.
This is very nice especially when small kids says “pee!” suddenly in the town.

But note no diaper changing board or nursing room at convenience store. (I never seen it)

*Small convenience store in crowded town like Shibuya does not have restroom for customer.

Sanitary goods

Masks, hand sanitizing wipes, tissue/wet tissue, sanitary napkin, travel shampoo&soaps are always there.
Baby diaper is basically not available at convenience store. (Very rare to find)

*Currently face masks and hand sanitizing wipes are hard to get at anywhere. (As of April 2020)

—> More about Sanitary goods in Japan

Hot snacks

Always tasty hot snacks are stand by at register.
This will help when kids says so hungry and glumly.


Some larger type of convenience store has small chair and table for quick break.
If your kids was so hungry, lets have a snack break here.


Most of convenient store has free-wifi for tourist.


Tourist also can withdraw cash by cash card.
(*Depends on your type of card)

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