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[ The latest Review 2024 ] TeamLab Borderless in Azabudai Hills Tokyo

The newest Immersive museum by TeamLab!!

I visited with my child and we enjoyed a lot!!!

I want to tell some things for mom/pops with kids to enjoy this museum – Please read it through^^

If you search “teamLab Borderless” on google map, currently it’s shows wrong address.

It’s not so far, about 5-10min walk difference, but so confusing for visitors as this is new & huge shopping complex.

Please head to THIS POINT, not this point.

I lost 30min following long place… I hope you will find right place without any loss.

*I’ve sent fixing report to Google Map but still not fixed (as of 2024 mid March).

What’s Teamlab Borderless?

TeamLab Borderless is a “Museum without a map.

Once you enter, you immerse into the amazing digital arts – Feel, touch, scene the aroma,,,

None of these are able to experience at anywhere but here.

It is truly ” never experienced before ” moments.


It’s on B1F in a new huge complex building named “Azabudai Hills”.
(About couple of minutes walk from “Kamiyacho” subway station)

*Note : Currently Google MAP shows wrong place.
Please aim this place. not this place.

(I’ve requested to fix it but will take times. )

teamLab Borderless TOKYO (Official website)

Address : Azabudai Hills Garden Plaza B, B1F, 1-2-4 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Link to Google MAP)


Basically you need to book online.

It fills up so quickly – best to book as soon as possible if you already know the schedule.

[ Entrance fee ]

Adult (18 and over)4,800~3,800 yen
13-17 years2,800 yen
Child (between 4-12)1,500yen
Visitors with disabilities1,900 yen
*0-3 years old : Admission free

*Re-entry is not permitted.

*There is no limit on the duration of your stay at the venue after admission.

TICKET teamLab Borderless TOKYO (Official website)


Every room has different atmosphere… Please find your favorites. (My daughter enjoyed to become an girl wizard)

Bubble Universe

This is the place I liked the most. Lamp lights change by feeing us so magically.

Sketch Ocean

Color anything you like and your painting will start moving on the floor or wall!
You can also make mini-towel, button badge, or T-shirts from your drawings as an option.

En Tea House

Enjoy Tea while flower blooming inside tea cup.

How long will it take to see?

I think it might take about 1.5 – 2.5 hours.
( It’s depends on your kids energy… till get tired)

My daughter stayed 3 hours, but she get sooo hungry & cranky at exit.

Tips for family

For all parents with little kids…!

–Eat well before visit.

No food allowed inside museum.
And No re-entry allowed.
Only some water Vending machines are available near washrooms inside.

If small children were with you, I guess they might enjoy about 2 hours inside – If someone become hungry, you have to leave even you want to stay more…

–Bring some snacks

I mean not to eat inside, but it’s for after exit.

Because ; Kids would be so excited inside, but right after passing exit, feel hungry / tired..
—> Get cranky.

(I saw many kids in a bad mood around exit area, and my daughter was totally same !)

Furthermore, it wouldn’t easy to find empty seat at restaurant near museum – might some time to get seat & food.

(Yes, this area is always full of people)

To prevent this cranky disaster, I suggest to prepare any snacks or small chocolate in your bag (you can leave it at locker room) – give them to keep their good mood till you find restaurants or cafes.

–Bring water for kids in your bag

Warm inside + Kids get excited => Kids get so thirsty.

Might spend 2-3 hours + Not easy to go back to the rocker room —> Bring water for kids. (only drinks with lid)

*There are only “water” vending machines inside. If you/your kids have favorite drink, better bring with you. And remember not leave the drinks at locker.

– Let kids wear lightly

It’s warm inside. T-shirts is the best for kids even in winter.

(you can leave coat at rocker before you enter)

– Bring baby carrier for baby

No baby stroller available inside the museum. (*Stroller parking are available at locker area).

– “White color” clothes reflect well

White color reflect the vision most! If you want to take photogenic pictures of your family, chose white clothes this day.

– There are Lockers, Nursing room

There are rocker room for your personal belongings before entrance. (no charge)

Nursing room is available inside the museum too.

– Some places are very dark.

If your kids scares easily, tell kids well before enter the museum to prepare their mind.

Which one is good with kids? Teamlab borderless or Teamlab Planets?

It’s depends on kids age though, Teamlab borderless is more for adult – in my opinion.

But both fun for toddler too!

The biggest difference is “wet in water” section. No water art in this “Teamlab borderless”, while touching water art is the biggest attraction at “Teamlab Planets” in Toyosu.

If you have to choose either one, “Teamlab Planets” might be more interesting for little kids like 1-3years old as water & floating balloons are easier to have fun.

But the best is to go both!!

—> more about Teamlab Planets


This museum is MUST visit place in Japan!

I hope you enjoy this coolest place in the world with good preparation!!

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