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5 Hospitals with Pediatric department which takes international patients, Tokyo Japan

If your child (or yourself) got sick in Tokyo, going to hospital with “Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients” might be better. (if you can choose the hospital)

Because they understand better compared to other small ones, not only English & culture but also several kind of paper work procedures you would go through. (checking international insurance, filling out many forms, etc.)

Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital

Near Tokyo Tower. There is an interpreter at this hospital, please ask information counter on 1F.

Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital

Near Ebisu station, in Shibuya-ward. There is an interpreter (English and Chinese) at this hospital. Please make an appointment before your visit.

Toranomon Hospital

As there are many international companies, There are many non-Japanese patients.
Need reservation before you go.
There is no internal interpreter.

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Large hospital near Ginza area, Christian Dr. Teusler from U.S. established in 1900.
They are accredit by JCI(Joint Commission International), reliable hospital for any situation / symptoms.

Jikei Hospital

This large hospital is basically for locals, but they can take patients from overseas under some conditions.

I introduce Jikei Hospital here because my daughter was admitted to this hospital for surgery in 2024, and we had really good experience here.

Reliable kind staffs, great facilities, well-organized flow, and building renewed recently – clean and well designed.

Visitors from overseas would be asked to follow the required procedures via a health care coordination agency so that we can provide safe and efficient medical care.

*** Please bring Antipyretic from home! ***

This is important if you are planing to visit Japan.

Many of my clients’s kid suddenly had fever while they are in Japan, and they got panic without medicine.

Not so easy to get medicine in Japan than you thought – especially kids already feel not good. ( you can imagine parents also upset )

If you bring some medicine from your country, kids can take a rest at hotel for a while – monitor condition, then you can choose next step calmly.

*** Make sure to get Travel Insurance! ***

Medical bills are quite high in foreign country. Please make sure you get insurance before you come to Japan.

But if you didn’t,,, there is travel insurance that you can purchase even after you enter Japan.

Please read this well and prepare for yourself and family.

JAPAN TRAVEL INSURANCE (Link to Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. )


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