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The 1st Greener Starbucks Japan at Imperial palace outer park

Although there used to be no cafe at all around this area, cool Starbucks store has finally opened 2021!

It’s more environmental-friendly Starbucks store – not only reducing plastic cup or food-loss, but also interior design is well-conceived.

The Wadakura Fountain Park Store is designed to reduce its carbon, water, and waste footprint, in support of Starbucks global resource-positive goals

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All furniture are made in Japan, wood materials are domestically-produced lumber. Artworks, lamps are made by recycled materials. Floor tiles are newly developed with coffee-beans waste and new materials absorb CO2.

While having good coffee, it inspire parents and kids to adopt more eco-conscious behaviors.


Address : 3-1 Kokyogaien Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan (Link to Google Map)

Official website : Starbucks Coffee Kokyo Gaien Wadakura fountain park store

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