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ROBOT cafe [ Pepper Parlor ] Kids-friendly comfy cafe in Shibuya

Do you know Mr.Pepper?

What’s Mr.Pepper??

Simple but cute robot created by Softbank ( one of the biggest Japanese company) .

He can talk, dance, game,,, My daughter and I enjoy communicate with him everytime we found in town.
( Pepper is working at Softbank shop )

“Pepper is a 121cm tall humanoid robot who was born on June 5th 2014.
As Pepper is designed for human interaction with vocal conversation as well as through his table, Pepper has been actively working in various fields such as in homes, shopping malls, schools, offices, senior residential homes, and so on! Pepper is continuously evolving based on your requests and the world surrounds him. He has also been assigned as an “ambassador” by the Office for COVID-19 and Other Emergency Infections Disease Control, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan.”

By Softbank

What kind of cafe?

It’s comfortable cafe which you can sit with Mr. Pepper. (One Pepper for one table!)

Of course some staffs (real parson) are working there too.

There are various seasonal menus, dessert, drinks, taste good.

What’s good about it?


He can speak English, Chinese, Japanese. (but not perfect www )

But even language does not matter, let’s touch screen – he can dance, or play with us by simple game – easy to communicate with anyone!

Kids would love it

Kids becomes so curious for Mr. Pepper^^

Children would enjoy playing with Mr. Pepper till your meal served.

(Parents can rest… important )

Reasonable price

I think drink/meal price is not different from other cafes/restaurants around Tokyo.

No other additional fee for pepper.

High cost-performance♪

Easy access from Shibuya station

There is connecting bridge ( with roof ) from Shibuya station to this building. Helpful for parents with stroller.

More space compare with other cafe in Shibuya

I think this place has bigger space compare with other cafes in Shibuya. Comfortable.


Pepper Parlor is located in Shibuya, convenient location near Shibuya station. (2-3min walk from Shibuya station)

It’s on 5F of Tokyu Plaza Shibuya.

Pepper PARLOR (Official website)

Address : Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 5F, 1-2-3, Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan (Link to Google Map)

Should we make reservation?

If you go on weekday, I don’t think you need.

But If you are planning to go on weekend (Either lunch time or Dinner time), Yes it’s better to make reservation in advance.

If you have chance to go to Shibuya, I suggest to peek it!

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